From Shuppan

Belle Comics Special

Japanese: ベルコミックススペシャル (BELLEコミックススペシャル)

Publisher: From Shuppan

Manga Bump

Japanese: 漫画バンプ

Size: B5
Release Date: Monthly; 21st

Publisher: From Shuppan


Published by From Shuppan, and sold through Tokyo Sanseisha.

Manga Hot Pants

Japanese: 漫画ホットパンツ

Size: A5
Release Date: Monthly
Circulation: 1988/11 - 1990/11

Publisher: From Shuppan


Adult bishoujo manga magazine. It was published by From Shuppan, and was distributed by Tokyo Sanseisha. The magazine's title was changed from Manga Ecsta.


Japanese: ルコミックス

Circulation: 1985 - 2007

Publisher: From Shuppan

Little Pierce

Japanese: リトルピアス

Release Date: Bi-monthly (Odd)
Circulation: 1996/07 - 2002/09

Publisher: From Shuppan


An adult loli manga anthology for men. It was published under the adult comic imprint LE-COMICS (ルコミックス).

Comic Working Girl (Comic WG)


Japanese: コミック・ワーキングガール (コミックWG)

Cost: 390 yen
Release Date: Bi-monthly
Circulation: 2007/06 - 2007/11

Publisher: From Shuppan


Manga and gravure magazine for males. Its first issue was released on June 2nd, 2007. A total of 4 issues were released.

Belle Comics

Japanese: ベルコミックス

Publisher: From Shuppan

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