Heiwa Shuppan

Japanese: 平和出版


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Heiwa Shuppan Declares Bankruptcy:

It's being reported widely in Japan that Heiwa Shuppan has gone bankrupt as of December 5th. The publisher is well known for it's adult manga and pachinko magazines. Supporting the notion, several hentai manga titles distributed online through LEED publishing's V.Wave have been discontinued on the same date. You can view a list of those titles at the link.

The company was established in December, 1965 and maintains a capital of 10 million Yen, headed by President Kenji Fujiwara. Staff includes: 24 employees at last count. Debt is about one billion Yen. Magazines published also include some car tuning rags such as "Drift Machine And Super Tuning". Comic related magazines included "T.A.T.u Art Catalog" and "Hanshin Yuushou Special".

A 2 billion 142 million Yen annual turnover was last announced for the fiscal period ending in September, 2004. It's said the company's debt load rose from the purchase of a five story corporate headquarters building in November,1995. Struggling also with establishing a hit property, the headquarters building was sold on November 7th this year along with the copyrights etc. of several magazines. Although the funds raised through those efforts was applied to fight the debt, inactive sales continued. Bankruptcy procedures are now underway and relations are being persued with related companies to continue business.