Shounen Blood


Japanese: 月刊少年ブラッド

Size: B5
Cost: 290 yen
Release Date: Monthly; 12th
Circulation: 2006/04 - ?

Publisher: SOFTBANK Creative


Official Site

Keitai Blood - Cell phone, 315 yen, contains the same contents as the magazine.

Web Blood - Contains original titles.


A new shounen magazine Created in April 2006 by MOVIDA Entertainment and SOFTBANK Creative. As the name implies, its theme will be centered around "Nekketsu" (burning passion, or hot-blooded, a common shounen term). Currently the magazine is still accepting submissions of possible serializations, and is claiming that it will "bring to the 10th (current) generation of manga fans series that are cooler and more "Nekketsu" than anything they've ever seen."

As of the December 2006 issue, the magazine became an online magazine.