Premium The Beans


Japanese: プレミアム・ザ・ビーンズ

Size: A5
Circulation: 2002/10 - 2012/07

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten


A magazine that serializes shoujo light novels. A shoujo light novel magazine which started on October 23rd, 2002 with its title being "The Beans" (ザ・ビーンズ), 16 issues of "The Beans" were released before its renewal, with the 16th issue released on January 27th, 2011. The magazine was renewed in July 2011 with its title changed to "Premium The Beans" (プレミアム・ザ・ビーンズ), the first issue of "Premium The Beans" was released on July 21st, 2011, and its second and last issue was released on July 26th, 2012.

The magazine gathers popular works from the Beans Bunko label. It's described by the publisher as history's strongest shoujo novel magazine.