Manga 4Koma Palette


Japanese: まんが4コマぱれっと

Cost: 350 yen
Size: B5
Release Date: Monthly; 22nd
Circulation: 2006/09 - ?

Publisher: Ichijinsha


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The magazine launched as "Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette" (まんが4コマKINGSぱれっと), and started as a bi-monthly magazine and a special issue of Comic Rex magazine. Starting from the third issue (released on January 25th, 2007) it became a monthly magazine with its release being on the 25th. With the release of the August 2007 issue (released on June 22nd, 2007) it became independent and its release date was changed to the 22nd. It's described as a "super cute 4-panel magazine," and it serializes moe/bishoujo manga. It got renewed in the June 2011 issue (released on April 22nd, 2011) with the integration of some of Manga Palette Lite's manga works into the magazine, and its title changed to "Manga 4Koma Palette.html.html" (まんが4コマぱれっと).