Japanese: マジキュー

Size: A4
Cost: 980 yen
Release Date: Monthly; 25th
Circulation: 2001/04 - 2007/06

Publisher: Enterbrain


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The magazine was established on April 27th, 2001 with the title "Magi-Cu Premium". Starting from September 2002 issue (released on September 30th, 2002) the magazine was turned to a bi-monthly publication. In 2004, with the integration of some of the content of the bishoujo game magazine "DearMy..." into the magazine, the magazine was reborn and its title was changed to "Magi-Cu". Magi-Cu is short for Magical Cute. With the release of the 40th issue (released on June 25th, 2007) the magazine was suspended.

Serialized manga/light novels from this magazine that were adapted to anime: Bottle Fairy and Petopeto-san. Its a magazine that has cute moe manga/light novels that's aimed at male audience.


  • Aquarian Age Memories
  • Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~
  • Magician's Academy
  • Raganarok Online Kapra Quest