GanGan Wing


Japanese: 月刊ガンガンWING (月刊ガンガンウイング)

Size: B5
Cost: 590 yen
Release Date: Monthly; 26th
Circulation: 1992/04 - 2009/03

Publisher: Square Enix


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The magazine started in April 1992 with its title being "Fresh GanGan". It started as a special issue of "Monthly Shounen GanGan" and was published on a quarterly pace, but on May 1996 its title was changed to GanGan Wing, and became an independent magazine in March 1999. The magazine was renamed again in 2001 to Monthly GanGan Wing. Its last issue was released on March 26th, 2009. Some of its manga continued serialization in Square Enix's GanGan Joker magazine and the free web magazine GanGan Online. The magazine was succeeded by GanGan Joker.