Japanese: ガクマンプラス

Size: B5
Release Date: Bi-monthly (Even); 3rd
Circulation: 2010/04 - 2011/10

Publisher: Shogakukan


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Learning manga magazine for school children which succeeded the children's manga magazines "Shougaku Go-nensei" and "Shougaku Roku-nensei". Its first issue was released on April 15th, 2010. The magazine's content includes character collection, history, and news from science to current events. The slogan that's mentioned on the first issue is "World's first (!?) learning manga specialized magazine.html.html". Its aimed at students from upper-elementary grades (fifth and sixth grades) to middle school students. Starting from the May 2011 issue (released in April 2011) its publication was changed from the 15th to the 3rd of even months. Its publication got suspended with the release of the 11/12 2011 issue (which was released on October 3rd, 2011).