Dengeki Daioh Genesis

Japanese: 電撃大王GENESIS (電撃大王ジェネシス)

Size: B5
Release Date: Bi-monthly (Odd); 19th
Circulation: 2010/01 - ?

Publisher: ASCII Media Works


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The magazine started on January 19th, 2010 as a special issue of Dengeki Maoh magazine, and was published on a quarterly basis (released in January, April, July, and October). The first issue was published online, and could be read free of charge until February 28th, 2010. The magazine is focused on serializing original manga works, and is described as a 100% original comic magazine. The magazine is aimed at the shounen and seinen readership, specifically at males in their teens and twenties. Later on the magazine was mentioned to be aimed at businessmen with high disposable incomes (with company employees and the self-employed making about 50% of its readers). The magazine is aimed at males and can be found at comic speciality stores. With the release of the 3rd issue on July 20th, 2010 it became a special issue of SYLPH magazine. In January 2012 it turned to a special issue of Dengeki Daioh magazine. Starting from July 2011, the magazine became a bi-monthly publication (released on the 19th of odd months).