Comic Yuri Hime


Japanese: コミック百合姫

Size: B5
Cost: 880 yen
Release Date: Bi-monthly (Odd); 18th
Circulation: 2005/07 - ?

Publisher: Ichijinsha


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A yuri manga magazine that started on July 17th, 2005 as a special issue of Comic Zero-Sum magazine, and was published on a quarterly basis. Its banner is: "No boys * Declaration of girl's love restored!!". Its a succession publication of Yuri-Shimai, a lot of the mangakas moved from Yuri Shimai to Comic Yuri Hime, with some able to continue their series. Starting from issue 18 (released on 18/1/2008) the magazine became independent from Comic Zero-Sum magazine. With the release of volume 22 (released on November 18th, 2010), Comic Yuri Hime S got merged into Comic Yuri Hime, and it turned from a quarterly publication (released on the 18th of January/April/July/October) to a bi-monthly publication.