Comic Yell!

Japanese: コミックエール!

Cost: 580 yen
Release Date: Bi-monthly
Circulation: 2007/05 - 2009/05

Publisher: Houbunsha


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The magazine's catch phrases are: "Aimed at males of the next generation. Shoujo manga magazine for males." and "Cute and pure shoujo manga magazine for males!". Shoujo manga magazine aimed at men in their 20s to 40s. A magazine born with the male readership as its target. Contains attractive heroines, yuri, moe, sci-fi and fantasy. Its first issue was released on May 11th, 2007.

The magazine was changed from a quarterly publication to a bi-monthly publication with the release of the third issue on November 10th, 2007. With the release of the 12th issue (released on May 9th, 2009) the magazine was suspended.