Comic Bon Bon


Japanese: コミックボンボン

Size: B5
Cost: 480 yen
Release Date: Monthly; 15th
Circulation: 1981/10 - 2007/11

Publisher: Kodansha


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A manga magazine that's aimed at elementary school boys. Also known as Comic BomBom. The magazine was suspended due to the decrease in its sales. The December 2007 issue (released on November 15th, 2007) was its last issue. Most of the manga that were serialized in the magazine ended with the last issue, but the manga that did not end continued their serialization in TV Magazine's special issue magazine Tele Manga Heroes.

With the announcement of the suspension of Comic Bon Bon, Kodansha also announced the start of a new manga magazine titled Shounen Rival. The concept of "Shounen Rival.html" is different from Comic Bon Bon's concept, and Shounen Rival's editor in chief denies that the magazine is a succession to Comic Bon Bon.