f-Clan Bunko

Japanese: f-Clan文庫 (エフ-クラン文庫)

Circulation: 2011/10 - 2012/04

Publisher: Mikasa Shobo


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A light novel label that's aimed at females. The label's light novels do not only have romance, protagonists are not necessarily girls, are not surrounded by pretty characters, and have fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, etc. genres. The writers to this label are not only those that have been active in the field of girl oriented light novels, but also has authors who wrote children's literature and general literature. The slogan of the label is "not only love bonds, to give shape to free imagination!". The label started on October 17th, 2011 with the release of four light novel volumes. The label ended with the release of two light novel volumes on April 18th, 2012.