Emotion Comics

Japanese: エモーションコミックス

Circulation: 2010/12 - ?

Publisher: Bandai Visual


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Kadokawa Shoten's Emotion Comics series


Manga serialized online on the web manga magazine "Web Comic Gekkin" and serialized on the mobile comic site "Shuu 2 Comic Gekkin" are published in tankoubon form under this comic imprint. The comic imprint started on December 10th, 2010. 4 manga volumes are released on the 10th of every month. Until March 2011 manga tankoubon were published by Emotion, and sold through Kadokawa Group Publishing, but with the merger of Emotion into Bandai Visual, starting from April 2011 Bandai Visual became the publishing company (publication by Bandai Visual, and selling through Kadokawa Group Publishing).