GanGan Powered


Japanese: ガンガンパワード (ガンガンPOWERED)

Cost: 540 yen
Release Date: Bi-monthly; 22nd
Circulation: 2001/03 - 2009/02

Publisher: Square Enix


Official Site

Gangan Powered Gangan site


Launched in 2001/03 as a special issue of Monthly Shounen Gangan, back then it was a seasonal magazine published twice every year. In 2006/06 it was changed into a bi-monthly magazine. Its last issue was released on February 21st, 2009. Many of its manga continued serialization in Square Enix's other manga magazines (Shounen GanGan, GanGan Joker and GFantasy) and the free web magazine GanGan Online. The magazine was succeeded by GanGan Joker.