Jump X (Jump Kai)

Japanese: ジャンプ改

Size: B5
Release Date: Monthly; 10th
Circulation: 2011/06 - ?

Publisher: Shueisha


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The magazine started as a special issue of Weekly Young Jump, but it will become an independent magazine in the Spring of 2012. Described as a "pure manga magazine" that's beyond the boundaries of gender and age. The magazine aims towards making manga that will be interesting to both male and female manga lovers. The first four issues of the magazine were released on the 25th of every month, starting from the 5th issue (released on November 10th, 2011) its publication was changed to the 10th of every month. Its first issue was released on June 25th, 2011. Even though it's advertised as a gender neutral magazine, but manga tankoubon/volumes of series serialized in the magazine are classified as seinen(young men's) manga in Shueisha's manga portal website.